Maintenance Inspection Plan for Home

Russell Certified Home Inspections proudly offers Semi-annual and Yearly Maintenance Inspection Plans

Early problem detection is crucial in reducing home ownership costs and increasing property value. Using a Yearly, or the Semi-annual Maintenance Inspection Plan gives you the advantage of having a certified, professional, inspector evaluate your home and identify in writing any items that may require repair or are close to needing service.
After an initial home inspection, our plan schedules your property for an inspection annually or semi annually as agreed, at a reduced cost.
Annual Plan customers save 25% on the appropriate size home inspection fees.
Semi-annual Plan customers save 30% on the appropriate size inspection fees.

Our maintenance inspection plans benefit you by identifying important repairs or minor maintenace items that may be required to prevent little issues from becoming major problems. These plans may especially benefit those homeowners who simply don’t have time to deal with maintenance issues themselves and commonly hire tradespeople to do this type of work.
Awareness allows time to research contractors and schedule ahead rather than trying to deal with emergencies and paying overtime rates or facing major repairs.
As an unbiased party I save my customers substantial amounts of money by preventing them from paying for needless repairs, or replacements pushed by misleading or dishonest contractors.…Read more