Thermal Imaging Inspection

Certified Building Thermographer

What is Thermal Imaging (also called Thermography or Infrared Imaging)?

Thermal imaging is photography that captures the image based upon wavelengths of light that have a lower frequency than normal visual light. Light is brought into a lens which focuses an image on film or, with digital photography, on a photosensitive sensor. Thermal Imaging does the same thing, but using only light in the infrared spectrum.

Although, not an “X-ray”, thermal imaging technology allows the inspector to view differential surface temperatures throughout the building, helping us to locate, define and/or confirm potential hidden or latent defects. These deficiencies may include, but are not limited to, missing or gaps in wall and ceiling insulation, water penetration from roof, windows, doors or other penetrations, air leakage at doors, windows or other penetrations, overheating electrical components, basement water problems, pest issues etc.

Additional benefits may include tracing of hidden structural components, HVAC ductwork, electrical, plumbing drain and supply piping and more…